Indian Buffet

November 12, 2009

Today bt and I went to Sitar on 21st ave for buffet lunch. This was a rare weekday lunch for us. I am not a buffet fan, and when we first moved to Nashville I was nervous about going to any restaurants with buffets. But that pretty much nixed any Indian food, and I love chikken tikka masala. We were both starving. So we went for it. I piled my plate with curry, tikka masala, paneer, cauliflower, spicy potato. I am a terrible buffet eater because, as you can see, I get so excited by the options I over do it. Luckily bt ate the extra naan, but when the waiter cleared the plate I felt a little abashed. But, not about the salad, which although piled high with my favorite cucumbers, was doused in a flavorless oily dressing. I did however eat all the okra, it was soft and peppery, perfect for a fall day. The problem with eating buffet even when parts of it are good is that its hard to take the restaurant seriously for dinner. So I’ll have to go back to dinner there sometime soon.


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