Lime: Happy Hour

November 14, 2009

We  were celebrating some good news and the end of a hectic week of applications. We headed to Lime for some drinks and snacks. The restaurant had just reopened after undergoing  renovations. They now have  four televisions suspended above the bar and  more wood paneling around the restaurant. The idea seems to be to make the place cozier in the winter and more appealing to the solo guys who watch sports at the  bar crowd. Aside from the TVs, the place looks pretty hip and urban. To our delight, we reconnected with one of our favorite Nashville bartenders, Michael. He’s totally adorable and a bundle of energy.

I ordered a fancy cocktail with the intriguing name, “Fate.” It had Cava, pineapple juice, orange juice, and some elderflower liqueur. The drink was lovely,  though pricey at $8.50. We also ordered some bar snacks which turned out to be $5 on happy hour discount. The empandas were topped with a delicious goat cheese topping, that had been made that day. The lime coconut shrimp were breaded, fried, and covered in a sweet and spicy remoulade-like sauce and sprinkled with coconuts. Big Cs martini was and I quote “ok.” I am sure this response was more about the $10 price and not the actual martini, which to my unsophisticated palatte tastes like straight vodka with olive juice.


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