November 26, 2009

We made a Thanksgiving pit stop in the World of Disney. Needless to say, there were few eating options other than chain after chain in strip mall after strip mall. Our first destination was Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine–one of the better eating experiences we had had in Hawaii.   The Mai Tai and dirty martini were tasty and strong, almost worth the double digit prices. Appetizer:  “Blackened Island Ahi.”  It was a small piece of fish, unevenly cut.  The dish wasn’t as fresh as we remembered it on Kauai, and the taste of the fish–counterbalanced with the blackening  spices and the soy mustard sauce–wasn’t savory.  Entree for me was the Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish:  a white fish served with bok choy and Chinese Sizzling Soy Vinaigrette.  There wasn’t much sizzle to the dish.  AS had the Lehi fish special. The waiter recommended it heartily because it was from Hawaii. We had some misgivings about eating fish flown in from faraway,  remembering that, sadly, in Hawaii it was difficult to eat locally sourced fish.  All the best stuff is shipped to some mainland or another.   We were also skeptical about the “Sweet Potato Mousse & Macadamia Garlic Meuniére Sauce” because we had bad memories of  all the  macademia-crusted fish “specials” on the islands. The sides were actually a pleasant surprise, making it the dish of the night.  No dessert because the children at the table had to get their rest for Disney the next day.  As for the rest of our table, don’t ask about the nightmare of pleasing the various food allergic/phobic in the group.


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