Mirror and Zola are closing

December 8, 2009

We were settling down to dinner when read we this article about Mirror and Zola closing. We went to Zola once with our good friend from California, J W, and found the restaurant fussy. We never gave the place a second chance and probably should have. However, we have a long history with Mirror. Our first few years in Nashville, Mirror served as our neighborhood bar. We loved the wait staff and the bartender. But then the food just went down hill and as it did the restaurant kept getting emptier and emptier. We longed for a good local restaurant serving small plates and wine. So, when we read the owners’ explanation for what happened to their restaurant, it felt like a slap in the face: “One of problems was that people here didn’t know what tapas was,” she said. “We started adding large plates along with the tapas. People here don’t care how good the food is; they just want a huge portion.” BT and I love tapas. We love small portions and big portions. We love to eat. What stopped us from coming back was the quality of the food. To be fair we arrived in Nashville after the restaurant’s hey day, when the crowds had already gone. By 2007, Mirror seemed to be relying more on its bar crowd than on its food. Some dishes were good, some were not. The food was not consistent.  BT still has nightmares about an open meatloaf sandwich that was old and dry, and appeared to have been sitting around for a good while. There was no one to complain to, no one concerned if the food didn’t come out right. In 2007 we were invited to Mirror’s Christmas party for regular patrons and wait staff. They served us bacon, loads and loads of bacon. That’s what we remember. There was no thought that went into the food. That bacon stayed with us a long time. Some of our friends thought it stayed with us too long. Mirror remodeled, added brunch, banned smoking, allowed smoking, and banned smoking again. Finally they built a larger terrace. Yet Mirror never asked itself the important questions about the food it was serving and the people that walked in the door.


One Response to “Mirror and Zola are closing”

  1. Jenn Lena Says:

    Agreed. Mirror’s management deserves what they’re getting. I only hope something great goes in that spot, and the bartender returns.

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