Dim Sum Rumors?

December 12, 2009

We had heard that there may be a dim sum joint opening up on Charlotte.  the location is sandwiched between K&S Market and Miss Saigon.  We went there today to do some investigation, but couldn’t confirm anything.  With our faces pressed against the tinted windows we saw a restaurant ready to go–at least in the front of the house–as well as a bar area stocked with glassware.  We asked around the shopping center, but no one seemed to know anything.  We’ll keep our ears to the ground, and if anyone hears anything let us know.

Hopefully, the rumors are true.   It’s sad to think that Nashville’s most consistent option for dim sum is Trader’s Joe’s frozen shu mai.  No, Ouyang House does not count as a consistent option for dim sum.


2 Responses to “Dim Sum Rumors?”

  1. Lannae Says:

    Ouyang had a good dim sum chef, but by the middle of last year, Ouyang had to let the chef go (not enough people buying the dim sum), and I heard the chef went to Atlanta :(. BUT, if you hear of dim sum in this town, please tell me!! Thank You!!

    • pickledandfried Says:

      Hey Lannae, Good to hear from you. It is sad about the Ouyang chef. We’ll keep an ear out for dim sum, and let you know if we hear anything.

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