Eating in NYC

December 26, 2009

We arrived in NYC yesterday, on Christmas day. The airport was half empty, and we took the 59th St. Bridge from LaGuardia.  Everything about NYC seemed to be moderated: the cab fare, the street traffic, the density of people, even the winter  weather.

Our first order of food business was a mid-afternoon snack: Zabar’s smoked salmon and H&H bagels with cream cheese and E’s sliced veggies with salt.

After Up in the Air (a product-placement disappointment), we had dinner at the Grand Sichuan on 7th Ave.  We went with a group willing to order aplenty and adventurously.   Appetizers included Sichuan cold noodles, ox tongue and tripe with spicy Sichuan sauce, and Shanghai dumplings with love and soup inside, all washed down with a round of Tsingtao.  For the main course, Ggg ordered some Pinot Blanc 2006, Domaine Ostertag imported by Kermit Lynch (a point of emphasis here: a Chinese food restaurant with Kermit Lynch wine!).  First came the greens: sauteed pea shoots and sauteed Shanghai bok choy.  Ahs preferred the pea shoots. Then arrived the shredded chicken with sour cabbage (just ok), lamb with scallions (delicious), steamed whole fish with ginger, and the best dish of the night, “red cooking pig’s elbow,” which had been simmering all day in a thick, tart sauce.  The least satisfying dish was the steamed fish, which was a bit too fishy, of the bottom-feeder variety. The after-taste of the Sichuan spices complimented the rich texture of the ox tongue and tripe, the noodle appetizers were subtly garnished with minute amounts of minced greens, the slices of garlic in the veggie dishes were as crisp as the vegetables.

For a late lunch today, we went with Nat and E to the Shake Shack on Columbus. Finally a burger for ahs to eat after the Times article. It was heavenly.  Ran into the Z-Lo clan.

Headed to dinner now at Uva.

Tomorrow: lunch in Philly.


2 Responses to “Eating in NYC”

  1. g-man Says:

    I lost track how many meals/snacks were in this first day. It’s too bad about the steamed fish; I thought that could have been the best dish. Can’t wait to here what you swallow in Philly…..

  2. Lannae Says:

    Zabar’s smoked fish, YUM! Russ and Daughters and Zabar’s gets their smoked fish from a place out in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and you can too.

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