Taco Mamacita

January 2, 2010

Back here in Nashville, I went to Taco Mamacita (1200 Villa Place, at Edgehill).  The folks at Taco Mamacita have taken over the old Rosario’s space and gutted it to expose the beams and rafters.

Unlike Rosario’s claustrophobic bar and faux second story, TM utilizes the open space well, particularly its bar.  Some reviewers have commented on signature cocktails.  However, I was going dry on New Year’s day, so no cocktail.

Judging from their menu, TM is trying to serve up avante-garde or at least unconventional tacos–quite expensively, at $3.5-$3.99 each.   I ordered the “Any 2 taco and a side ~ $8.99” offering.  I chose the “General Homeboy” and “Gyro” tacos.  I chose two tacos that were too contradictory to make for a good meal.  The “Homeboy” tasted like sweet-and-sour shrimp wrapped in tortilla, while the gyro tasted, well, like a bland gyro.  Both tacos had some kind of salsa that didn’t do much.  My side was the jalapeno cole slaw.  I couldn’t taste any jalapeno, and the mayonnaise was indistinguishable from the tacos’ salsa.  Overall, this rich, blurred taste overwhelmed my forgettable lunch.

For those near Music Row and Vandy, TM is a potential lunch spot, but it’s expensive for what it is.  My two tacos (one won’t get you through the afternoon), one side, and soda (at $1.99) + tax equaled an even $12.  You add a $2 tip, and that’s $14.


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