Yolo in Green Hills

January 3, 2010

After watching Sherlock Holmes save the British Parliament, a group of us went to Yolo for post-movie drinks and pre-prandial snacks. Right next to the megaplex Regal Cinemas, in the heart of the Green Hills mall, the location seems ideal. Yet Green Hills Grille and Fire of Brazil once occupied the space, and are no longer there.

Eating at Yolo is like purchasing and wearing a sweater from Green Hills. First, you have to fight the crowd at the mall. When you get in, it’s warm, cozy, and colorful: from its oversized lampshades to bleached branch decor. It’s safe taste-wise–nothing flashy: the menu serves up all things predictably American, trendy, and fusion: from Mahi tacos and Asian lettuce wraps to chicken fingers and guacamole dip (which needed more salt). The prices are Macy’s-ish, even closer to Dilliard’s: for example, a Classic burger is $7 and a 12 oz NY Strip steak entree is $18. The cocktails were reasonably priced and did their job.

Yolo is an acronym for “You only live once.” Make of this what you will.


Yolo Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon


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