Cake, Cake, and Cake

February 13, 2010

Recently we had a three-for-one birthday party, and Joy from Marmalleta Bakery made the cakes pictured above.  Despite the 100+ years  celebrated at the fete, the three cakes became the focal point.  I requested a mocha cake (decadently buttery and subtle), and the other two were of the carrot and velvet variety.  Many, many revelers hailed the carrot cake as the best they’ve every had, while others insisted on the velvet.  A humorous debate ensued because the cakes were so damned good.

No storefront yet, but you can special order from Marmalleta.  Joy’s work is a sign of Nashville’s growing number of food artisans.

Joy wrote about the process and details of making our gateaux on her blog.


One Response to “Cake, Cake, and Cake”

  1. joycooks Says:

    Hey there! better late than never. Just saw this–Thanks guys! and so glad the cakes were so well received at your party. By now you may be having cravings for another one, so give me a call! 🙂

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