Decadent Dinner

March 6, 2010

A 2.6 lb. lobster ($14/lb) was bought at K&S on Nolensville.  I chose a female lobster, and this one had plenty of coral or roe (as seen in picture below).  Steamed, then dipped in drawn butter, and served with wasabi mashed potatoes and a salad.  Perhaps a bit too decadent.


2 Responses to “Decadent Dinner”

  1. Lannae Says:

    How was the lobster? When was it shipped in?

  2. pickledandfried Says:

    Lobster was yummy–a kind of guilty pleasure. I didn’t ask when it was shipped in, since it was still alive in the tank. I thought the one I got was pretty small, compared to its tank-mates.

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