from Hong Kong

March 15, 2010

Half the Pickled and Fried team will be in Asia for the next few weeks and will posting from there. The other half will hold down the Nashville fort.

The United flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was 15 hours long. Torture. It had the leg room and service of a domestic flight, which then arced up to the Bering Strait to safely cross the ocean–taking forever. The food options were awful: bad versions of chicken teriyaki, primitive turkey sandwiches with butter, and weird concoctions of yogurt as well as 0-trans-fat butter.

A layover in Hong Kong provides time for a pint of Carlsburg, some fresh dim sum, and handmade noodles. The food, efficiency, and Muji to Go are definite signs that I’ve arrived across the Pacific.

Have to catch next flight now.


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