A Meal Cooked in the Mountains

April 4, 2010

A Meal Cooked in the Mountains

Today I traveled two hours outside to Hanoi to Tam Dao, where a dear friend has designed and built a beautiful house into the mountains.  For dinner we marinated and grilled two mountain free range chickens (over an open fire in the courtyard), flash sautéed fresh bamboo shoots from the surrounding mountains, stir-fried local water cress, and cooked some fresh tofu with tomatoes.

When we first got there in the afternoon, we enjoyed a bottle of wine atop the roof.

Before dinner, the thought of a dip.

The view during prep

The simple kitchen

The table is being set


5 Responses to “A Meal Cooked in the Mountains”

  1. Jenn Lena Says:

    My goodness, that’s amazing. You’re lucky to be alive, today.

  2. barbara Says:

    How serene a setting for what sounds like a delicious meal. Was the weather cold and foggy?

  3. Lannae Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful place! What an awesome dining experience! Great eating local chicken and bamboo shoots. The view is amazing! Tell more! More pics!

  4. pickledandfried Says:

    Hi all. Yes, it was quite beautiful, and I was quite appreciative of it all. The weather wasn’t cold at all. It was rather quite comfortable. We slept with the walls of windows open, and all of these unimaginably beautiful (some the size of one’s face) came in. I went with 2 European soundscape artists and 2 writers, so lots of inspiration all around. It’s a real magical place.

    Now, I’m back in Saigon and getting to wrap the entire trip up.

  5. ModFruGal Says:

    Speechless…so beautiful…and delicious by the sounds of it.

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