Bacon and Caviar Wings

April 24, 2010

B&C BBQ (on Franklin, near Melrose Kroger) has become a regular pit stop for me, in the late afternoons for a post-lunch, pre-dinner meal. (We’ve written about them here.) I like the vibe, the people behind the counter, and the prices. The food does the job. But I’ve recently discovered something to really scream about: their wings, smoked and fried. I like the dry, plain variety–which brings out the love that goes into smoking and frying chicken. The hot, buffalo-sauced versions masked all the goodness.  Try the dry versions.

Their website:


One Response to “Bacon and Caviar Wings”

  1. Lannae Says:

    Good to know. I love good wings. It is always a crap shoot in this town. Judge Beans used to have really good smoked wings at the Wedgewood and 12th and Porter locations; the former Famous Pizza (trailer across the way from Titans Stadium on Woodland next to Limelight) had really awesome Memphis style smoked wings; but neither wing source exist anymore. I must try BC Wings to see how they measure up. Of course for hot wings, 400 degrees is my fave.

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