Mas Tacos

May 13, 2010

I was working  hard at Portland Brew this morning. Hungry for lunch, I headed back home for a sandwich when I eyed the Mas Tacos truck in front of imogene and willie on 12th South. I’d eaten from the truck once before when they first started out and were working out the kinks in the operation. They serve up tacos out of a blue and yellow retro RV. The line moves very slowly, sometimes too slowly. However, this time the wait was worth it.

I had one cast-iron chicken taco and one fried avocado taco ($3 each). The chicken  taco was filled with generous amounts of shredded chicken, tomatillo salsa, sour creams, cilantro, and lime. I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to take a photo. The taco was tangy and delightful. The fried avocado taco made me wistful for my favorite East Nashville bar, The Alley Cat, which used to serve a deep fried whole avocado that was spectacular. The Mas Taco fried avocado slivers were ok, but there was nothing particularly special about them. I might have preferred the avocado fresh. I couldn’t taste the spicy dill but the cabbage slaw was crisp and tart. The watermelon aqua fresca ($2) was light and refreshing with a dash of lime. I almost ordered a second. All in all it was a perfectly delightful to happen upon. Dining on 12th south keeps getting better. Also over the summer on Thursday evenings  the good folks at imogene and willie will be showing movies in their backyard accompanied by Mas Tacos.

For a low down on traditional taco trucks in Nasvhille read about them here.


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