Gastronomic Impressions of London

June 1, 2010

We just visited London, and here are some quick impressions:

-The funniest food sign:  On the Tube, there was a sign that bluntly stated, “Please don’t eat smelly food.”

-The most awkward dining moment:  We ordered two bowls of ramen of the exact same variety.  One comes out and served to me.  I was enjoying some appetizers, so I offered my bowl to A.  The server comes out, minutes later, with the second bowl and perplexingly said, but that first bowl was for Asians.  Apparently, the second bowl was for non-Asians.  We asked for clarification, but didn’t get any.  The only difference we detected was that the “Asian” bowl had pork belly, while the “non-Asian” one had tenderloin.  Another example of the arbitrariness of categories and stereotypes.

-The most difficult thing about London lunch:  Most of the restaurants waited until at least noon to open for lunch.

-The most counter-intuitive aspect:  It’s easier to get a pint of beer, then a glass of tap water.  As learned at the Anne Hathaway house, historically it was safer to drink beer than to drink water.  Perhaps an accurate precedent, or American diners have just come to expect water.

-Our new favorite dessert:  Posset, rich layers of cream or milk, sugared, and lightly curdled with wine.

-Consistent:  it’s almost an annual event for us now, and though it seems to have lost some lackluster, Wild Honey still serves up some great food, with a great wine list, and knowledgeable staff.

-Most enterprising: Alan Yau keeps opening great restaurants.  The latest Cha Cha Moon.

-Most liked this time around:  Tayyab’s, near Brick Lane.  Some of the best Pakistani food we’ve had.


2 Responses to “Gastronomic Impressions of London”

  1. Lannae Says:

    The soup think is so lame! Tenderloin only? Lame! I can’t believe they served soup like that. Although, I wish I would get special “Asian” soup here with pig skin, belly, ya know, all the good parts. It seems as thought I get the “non-Asian” food in this town.

  2. Samira Says:

    Possets! My favourite dessert. And I make a good lemon posset too. Saw this and thought of your London adventures: And I’m enjoying Pickled and Fried from hot Delhi.

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