Felafel and Fries

June 4, 2010

I have been getting my felafel at a small stand on the corner of Gordon and Frishman in Tel Aviv. Most felafel stands offer you french fries, called “tships” in Hebrew. This stand fries them in wonton wrappers. The pitas are fresh, the felafel balls a bit mushy, but the “tships” are something else.

The felafel guy claims they were his invention but they have been spotted elsewhere in town.


3 Responses to “Felafel and Fries”

  1. Abe Smocman Says:

    Tships fries will def. be on my list next time I’m in Jerusalem, for street stand food when I’m schlepping about. Hopefully they’ll be in the capitol, not just in Tel Aviv. Street stand latkes are good too, esp. in Haifa.

  2. k Says:

    You do realize that the word is “chips” (like how the British call them), right?

    • transchachter Says:

      Chips is like many words of foreign origin that have entered the Hebrew language. I am just transliterating from the Hebrew צ ‘יפס. If you heard an Israeli say “tships” it sounds a lot different from a Brit saying chips.


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