June 8, 2010

We were just informed that the new restaurant replacing Mirror on 12th South is to be named:  the Blind Pig.  According to rumor, it’ll be a high-end, gastopub-by BBQ joint, opening in mid-June, which is to say soon.   As we discussed this at the Taproom, we realized an unusual Nashville pattern:  the penchant for food establishments to name themselves after an animal, qualified by an adjective:

-Blind Pig

-Smiling Elephant

-Silly Goose

-Frothy Monkey

-Flying Horse

-Red Pony

-The Wild Cow (thanks to Nancy Vinneau for this one)


2 Responses to “Post-Mirror”

  1. Eric Says:

    Great tip guys! The idea of high end barbecue worries me some…hopefully that means that they will be trying new and creative things with barbecue and not just giving it a fancy surrounding and fancy prices.

  2. and, for the list: not to forget the Wild Cow…

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