Brunch Today

June 17, 2010

To celebrate Pickle’s return to Nashville, I made a decadent brunch:

A steamed lobster tail, atop a poached egg and a toasted open-faced English muffin.  The accompanying sauce was homemade Bearnaise sauce.  There also was a fruit salad with fresh yogurt.


One Response to “Brunch Today”

  1. Lannae Says:

    Awesome breakfast!! Where did you get the lobster? Welcome back! I hope your trip was wonderful! Let me know what you did and ate! I just got back from 2 weeks on the road too. Let’s get together (maybe at the new place on 12th?) in the next couple of weeks. I got a tip, the grocery store right next to the taco joint (yellow porch on Nolensville) I think it is called Fiesta Market, is owned by the same people who owns K&S, and the veggies and meats are from the same distribution center as Kroger, but a whole lot cheaper. All I know is that I got some really good avocados (less than $1 each), and a lime (8 for $1) there for cheap. What do you know about this grocery store?

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