Rich, Runny Cheese

June 20, 2010

Our penchant for ripe, runny, pungent cheese was completely satiated by Noble Springs Dairy’s “Harpeth Fleur,” a goat cheese.  We purchased it at the original Provence on 21st, but the products from this Franklin, TN can be purchased at a number of places around town.  On their website, they’ve got a list of merchants who carry their products, as well as general information about their farm.


2 Responses to “Rich, Runny Cheese”

  1. Lannae Says:

    I like stinky and pungent runny cheese too. Epoisse is mild compared to the St Aubrey I had once. Do you know of there is still a St Aubrey cheese around, or if the maker still makes this cheese? It is a washed rind oozy stinky, and unbelievably pungent in the mouth as well. Matt and I are completely in love and slightly repulsed by St Aubrey.

  2. […] had written about Noble Springs Dairy’s “Harpeth Fleur,” and now we have found another ripe, runny cheese that is blog-worthy:  the “Green […]

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