Arnold Myint on Top Chef, Week 1

June 21, 2010

We just got around to watching the first episode of this season’s Top Chef–with a particular focus on Nashville restaurateur and chef Arnold Myint.  The season’s kickoff was grating and obnoxious, filled with excessive displays of masculine bravado. The episode’s front runners, Angelo Sosa and Kenny Gilbert, were puffing their chests and talking trash as if preparing for a boxing match.  It was, therefore, nice to see that Arnold avoided this week’s spotlight.  He was both exuberant and modest.  An opening clip shows Arnold joyfully dancing around as if on a home video.  In one of Arnold’s few lines, he admitted that he got a stylist for the show (see picture for below), but later he humbly said that he owned some “mom and pop” restaurants, implying that they didn’t have the kind of kitchen equipment available on Top Chef.  Sure, Arnold wants to be stylish and energetic on the show, but one also senses that his modesty requires a certain kind of confidence–but not the alpha-male variety.  Bravo, Arnold.

Click here for another take on Arnold’s Top Chef appearance.


One Response to “Arnold Myint on Top Chef, Week 1”

  1. Rose Says:

    I loved seeing Arnold on Top Chef. So much so, I scheduled a house party with an Asian theme at my home for the debut. It was a great success. Great food and was excited to see Arnold move on to the next week. Watching with baited breath.

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