A few months ago, we blogged [here] about SE Asian restaurateurs spreading their interpretation of Cajun seafood to the rest of the country.  Well, Nashville now has such a place:

V&V Seafood Market
4021 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, TN 37211-4515
(615) 832-6214

It’s an actual seafood mart that also dishes up boiled crawfish and blue crabs, as well as traditional beef pho and, of course, seafood pho.  [Go here for a photo of their combined offerings, plated and tabled.]  They just opened last Monday–not exactly the best timing due to BP’s underwater geyser, butV&V are working things out and sourcing their products from elsewhere.

We’ll definitely be writing more about this place.


Bella Napoli Pizzeria is coming to Edgehill Village soon. (It’ll be in the same development that houses Taco Mamacita, but tucked in the back.) It promises to offer “authentic” Italian pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven . There’s a paucity of good pizza and Italian food in town, so this is more than welcomed news. But we’ll have to wait and see if they’re catering to the nearby college masses or serving up good Italian pies and pasta.

Goodbye Arnold

July 15, 2010

We were pretty sad to see Arnold go home because his co-contestant, Lynne ( an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America), can’t cook pasta! Bruce Barry has some spot-on analysis of the episode here. Lynne, if your students were watching I hope they asked for a tuition refund. Without Arnold I am not sure the show is worth watching. Without Arnold, this season promises to be a snore.

The other day, we made Angelo’s recipe for a Vietnamese-inspired fish sandwich. We didn’t snap any photos but the sandwich was delicious. However, the recipe for homemade mayo was totally lame. It feels like the folks at Bravo don’t really care about the quality of their recipes or this season’s contestants. In any case, buy some Hellman’s, add Siracha, and you’ll enjoy the results.