Goodbye Arnold

July 15, 2010

We were pretty sad to see Arnold go home because his co-contestant, Lynne ( an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America), can’t cook pasta! Bruce Barry has some spot-on analysis of the episode here. Lynne, if your students were watching I hope they asked for a tuition refund. Without Arnold I am not sure the show is worth watching. Without Arnold, this season promises to be a snore.

The other day, we made Angelo’s recipe for a Vietnamese-inspired fish sandwich. We didn’t snap any photos but the sandwich was delicious. However, the recipe for homemade mayo was totally lame. It feels like the folks at Bravo don’t really care about the quality of their recipes or this season’s contestants. In any case, buy some Hellman’s, add Siracha, and you’ll enjoy the results.


One Response to “Goodbye Arnold”

  1. Lannae Says:

    Zing! on Lynne. But, the film wheel master did spin it that Lynne was the pasta queen, and then delivered bad pasta. You know it is the kiss of death when they show up front and early in the episode when someone says, “I have done this a million times, and I ACED it!”

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