Lil Bear Cabin and Monteagle

January 4, 2011

We spent Christmas in Monteagle and rented a cabin from some folks who seemed on the up and up. We arrived on Christmas eve got snowed in and lost heat. These folks were charging $200/night for the cabin. They refused to refund us any money for the loss of heat. Do not rent from them!

On the flip side, when we finally got out from under the snow we had some might fine bbq pulled pork at The Smoke House and then purchased belated Christmas gifts at the Dutch Maid bakery, the oldest family owned bakery in Tennessee. Although a new family has purchased the bakery, the goods are still delicious. We especially loved the sweet pumpkin loaf and the rosemary bread.


5 Responses to “Lil Bear Cabin and Monteagle”

  1. ModFruGal Says:

    Sorry to hear that…It’s a shame when people can’t do the right thing. Do a tripadvisor review so others can find it…I think VRBO allows the owners to pick and choose the reviews posted!

  2. transchachter Says:

    I just tried to a trip adviser review but sadly they are not list there. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. garnermtn Says:

    I know the owners personally and we have stayed at Lil Bear cabin every time we visit Monteagle. The cabin is a wonderful retreat and the owners have always worked with us for any needs we had. We accidently broke some dishes and received our full deposit back. Have you tried to work with the owners? They’ve always been very pleasant with the family and friends we have referred there. Monteagle is a wonderful gem to visit and we’ve gone to many of the places you’ve listed!

    • transchachter Says:

      We did try to work with them. They originally encouraged us to spend the extra night and said they discount the heatless night. When we tried to follow up with them they refused, both by phone and email. I wish we had paid with a credit card and not through pay pal. They were actually quite rude to us.

  4. Lannae Says:

    Where have you been?

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