Local Taco

July 12, 2011

Local Taco
4501 Murphy Road
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 891-3271

Since hearing rumors that Local Taco would be opening up a  restaurant in 12th South, we decided to head to Sylvan Park for lunch. I had been there a few times but my erstwhile Fried had not. I really like the vibe there, the list of local ingredients, and seeing groups of Nashville women drinking margaritas at 12:30 in the afternoon. We ordered the Korean BBQ, the Southern Fried, and the Fish tacos. We started with tortilla chips and salsa, and had sides of rice and beans. The Korean BBQ taco tasted more Teriyaki than Korean,  topped with sesame seeds, cilantro, and a spare amount of Asian slaw. The meat was fresh and well cooked, but the taste was bland. The taco demanded some sort of Korean topping like pickled radish. The Southern Fried was good,  but it was dulled by wilted lettuce pieces. The same with the Fish taco. I am not sure why they went with tartar instead of crema, and some slaw would have been appreciated. The black beans were not to my taste, they had a strange taste and texture. We each got the lunch special, two tacos and a side for $6.75, which is a great deal because the tacos are $3.50 each and the sides $1.75.

I am not a taco purist, but these tacos needed some jazzing up. However, the fresh ingredients and the lunch prices make me want to give the place a second go.

Korean and Southern Fried tacos with rice:

Korean and Fish tacos with black bean:


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We love summers at the Nashville Farmers Market. This year the peaches have been spectacular. We are big fans of JD Country Milk for their drinkable yogurts and other delights. This week we indulged in  heavy cream. You have to get there by noon on a Saturday or else they will have sold out of most of the good stuff. This week we also bought Alabama peaches, which have more tang than the furry South Carolina peaches we’ve been eating lately. We bought them from the back shed where we also found some sweet ripe, local doughnut peaches. Those we devoured before we could take a photo. This morning we indulged in the peaches and cream with some local blueberries. It was decadent. If you go to the market check out the new Louisiana Seafood Company. Their fresh yellowtail, grouper, and shrimp have been selling out weekly.