Our Latest Frequent Spot

August 1, 2011

Ginger Thai Restaurant
2861 Logan Street
Nashville, TN 37211

These days, when we don’t feel like cooking and we don’t feel like putting up with any restaurant fuss or crowds, we head to Ginger Thai restaurant, right off of Thompson Lane. The food is good, there’s never a wait, and the prices are reasonable. We’ve eaten there a number of times, tried an array of soups, main dishes, whole fish specials, and it always taste like home cooking. Last Sunday we were there for a quick lunch, and had duck soup, one of our favorites, and the house fried rice with squid (pictured below). The total for those two dishes after tax, before tip was $23. Normally, however, we pass on the appetizers.

Note: the link to the menu on their website takes a Borgesian turn and sends you to the Thai Palace in Bloomfield, CT.

P.S. As Rose, a commentator, notes below: on both sides of Ginger are amazing “International” markets. On one side is the Lanexang Oriental Market which stocks SE Asian goods and supplies provisions for Ginger. On the other side is a wonderful Middle Eastern market that provides everything from spices (at great prices) and fresh pita to Amish halal chickens.

Ginger on Urbanspoon


4 Responses to “Our Latest Frequent Spot”

  1. John Murdock Says:

    fried rice with squid? Hm, I’d love to try it at home 😀

  2. Rose Says:

    My favorite is their massaman curry. And don’t forget to check out the Asian and International markets on either side.

  3. Lannae Long Says:

    So you do like Ginger Thai now? Good, let’s collect Eric and Katie and go here. I like Ginger.

  4. Sounds like a great idea!

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