Holeman & Finch Public House
2277 Peachtree Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309-1173
(404) 948-1175

Atlanta is often grating to me:  the sensory overload from all that shopping and traffic.  However, it is a city that likes to eat–having one of the highest numbers of restaurant per capita in the country.

Last night, a dear friend took me to Atlanta’s Holeman & Finch, the cheaper, adjacent, sister restaurant of the well-respected Restaurant Eugene.  Upon walking into Holeman & Finch, I noticed all the cured meats hanging in glass cases.  In the open kitchen, the cooks were meticulously prepping the food.  But I did not expect all that their menu offered.  My friend just ordered a number of little plates for the table, and it was a feast of rich, rich food:  a meat plate with delicate strips of lard, duck hearts and head, griddled pork belly, crisp pig tail, battered and fried livers, crawfish pies, and shrimp salad with perfectly fried shrimp heads.  Nothing goes to waste, and everything is wondrously defamiliarized.  All complimentary greens were crisp and subtle, mixing well with their respective dish and dressing.

This spot also has a nightly tradition of serving exactly 24 handcrafted burgers at 10 p.m. No more, no less.  We had had too much to try their pursuit of burger perfection.