Lunch in Philly

December 27, 2009

When my brother lived in Princeton, he would often go to Philly on the weekends to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant called

Nam Phuong
1100 Washington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3802

That was our destination today for lunch.  The restaurant was abuzz, nearly full between 1 and 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.   I got the iced, milk coffee–served old-school drip-coffee style at the table.  For an appetizer, we ordered a papaya salad with shrimp.   We then had the “Three Delight” dish (pictured above) for two.  The plate comes with a bundle of fresh herbs, leaves of lettuce, splinters of cucumber, squares of tapioca-ed vermicelli [bánh hỏi], marinated and minced meat wrapped and then grilled in grape leaves, shrimp balls speared by whittled sugar cane  and cooked, and grilled meat balls.  All that food is to be wrapped into nice rolls with the stack of rice paper provided.  The dish’s total price for two people was $22.95, $11.50 each.  The combination of marinated meats/seafood and fresh vegetables and herbs, supplemented by rice, rice noodles, or rice paper is Vietnamese food at its best.  Nam Phuong’s food is bold and simply good, but there’s nothing pretentious about it–much like Philly.

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