A Visual Feast

April 15, 2010

I am paralyzed by all that I want to say and write about SE Asia.  So for the time being…some pix.

First meal in Saigon: shellfish late-night, in a residential neighborhood:

Food on the move in Bangkok:

Lots of good mango:

Roast duck and dim sum at BKK airport:

Crab soup in Hanoi:

Sidewalk cafes spilling into the cathedral’s yard:

A Hanoi food stall:

Banana flower salad from Hwy. 4:

Herb-roasted duck, fried basil leaves, and the best buns ever:

Escargot noodles:

Family dinner in Saigon:

Close up of food (notice all the sauces):

A Saigon drink stand with pickled-fruit drinks.  Iced coffee being made:

Dim sum at the Legend:

Diners provide their own instruments & music in Saigon restaurants

Last meal in Saigon at a local restaurant.  Open-air space, overlooking a huge roundabout: