Felafel and Fries

June 4, 2010

I have been getting my felafel at a small stand on the corner of Gordon and Frishman in Tel Aviv. Most felafel stands offer you french fries, called “tships” in Hebrew. This stand fries them in wonton wrappers. The pitas are fresh, the felafel balls a bit mushy, but the “tships” are something else.

The felafel guy claims they were his invention but they have been spotted elsewhere in town.


Tel Aviv Breakfast

June 3, 2010

My favorite meal in Tel Aviv is breakfast. When the fried and I traveled to Paris 5 years ago he suffered the lack of a warm meal in the morning. A chocolate croissant was not enough. When we flew from Paris to Israel, he was totally surprised to discover that Israelis really know how to eat and eat well. I will set politics aside for this post, although politics is one thing that  is difficult to avoid here!.

Israel breakfasts include eggs, fresh vegetables, a variety of cheeses and spreads, including feta, homemade cream cheeses, and labneh, sweets, and fresh.

Breakfast 1 is from Cafe Idelson on Dizengoff, which was until recently Cafe Casit, the literary cafe where the Hebrew literary elite, including Shlonsky, Alterman, and Goldberg used to regularly meet. Now the cafe has been turned into a hip spot to see and be seen. See this video clip of the cafe in French new wave style (although these images are from the Ben Yehuda branch.).

The soft boiled eggs were lovely, and the pretzel sticks with poppy seeds made of fried philo dough were a nice touch. The cheese and cinnamon cake were delicious as was the salad, the salami, and the yellow cheese. I couldn’t finish this on my own however.

My next breakfast was at Cafe Dubnow 8, named after  Dubnow street, which is in turn named after the famous Jewish historian, intellectual, and theorizer of Jewish diasporism, Simon Dubnow. The cafe was close to “Beyt ha-Sofer” (The Writer’s House), where the literary archives are located. This Israeli breakfast was a few shekels cheaper and more modest.

The salad, feta, cream cheese, , butter, and preserves were all fabulous. The bread was tasty and filled with all sorts of grains. A healthy way to start the day in the archives.