Frozen steamer clams from Trader Joe’s to be mixed with half a box of linguine.

Salad mix with herbs, supplemented by slices of cucumber, apples, and blue cheese. Homemade dressing, base: grape seed oil. Once water for pasta boils, less than 10 minutes to prep and cook.

Results were fine…definitely room for improvement. We’ll try it again with these modifications.

Warning: sometimes the clams from Trader Joe’s can be a bit sandy.

Serves 2 easily
-Half a 16 oz. box of linguine
-One box of Trader Joe’s Steamer Clams
-1 tbsp minced garlic
-2 tsp red pepper flakes
-2 tbsp chopped flat parsley
-Salt to taste

-Put water on to boil for pasta. Once water boils, put in linguini.

-Follow instructions for steamer clams on box, stovetop instructions.

-Both should take about 8 minutes. Stir both pots occasionally.

-During these eight minutes, heat a sautee pan/skillet, add 2 tbsp of olive oil.

-Add 1 tbsp of minced garlic. Heat and stir until garlic is slightly brown.

-Add 2 tsp of red pepper flakes (more/less to your taste), and stir in with garlic.

-Take off heat.

-Once clams are done, turn off heat. Once pasta is done, drain, and return to pot–save 1/4 cup of pasta cooking water.

-T oss pasta with olive oil/garlic/red pepper flakes, along with chopped flat parsley.

-Add salt to taste.

-Add saved pasta cooking water–tablespoons at a time, if still too dry


After a long day and little time for dinner prep, ahs picked up a pound of shrimp from Harris Teeter on 21st Ave, one of the best places around to quickly pick up quality, not so expensive seafood (6.99/lb for wild caught, medium-sized shrimp–sadly, this time, a few days old).  The totsoi came from our CSA farmers at Hill and Hollow. From prep to finish, less than twenty minutes–except for the white rice, which was cooked early in the evening.

  • Fired up the wok with some vegetable oil
  • Added the chestnuts for less than a minute, then pushed them to the side
  • Added peeled shrimp, chopped garlic, fresh pepper, and two glugs of fish sauce (or soy sauce)
  • Once slightly pink push to the side as well
  • Add totsoi in the middle, and let wilt slightly
  • Use tongs to turn over totsoi for consistency
  • Finally, mix all together and make sure shrimp is thoroughly cooked, though not overcooked.

Voila.  Super easy. The totsoi’s hint of bitterness balances the crunchy chestnuts and shrimp nicely.  Serve on white rice.  If serving only two, there should be some  leftover for tomorrow’s lunch.