Shintomi Is Closed

August 4, 2011

Located in the Green Hills area, Shintomi used to be one of the best places in town to get sushi. Today, we were running errands and stopped by for lunch–only to see that it has been shutdown.


The Wild Hare

August 4, 2011

The Wild Hare
316 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN 37209

The restaurant is a homey space with built-in wooden booths on the periphery and a long communal table in the middle.  The design and the conceptualization of the restaurant is meant to cater to families.  The menu offers classic American dishes at a good price point.  There are appetizers and salads to start; main course options include pizzas, sandwiches, or entrees.  Burgers are offered at half portions, for $5.5 (regular portions: $9)–a good option for kids or not-so-hungry adults.  Basic food, basic pricing makes for good family dinner pit stops, but some of the dishes were a bit too basic.

We ordered three starters, all ample in size to share: The tempura vegetables had a nice texture on the outside and the veggie insides had the right temperature and consistency–but the accompanying jalapeno gouda and onion dip seemed to undercut the dish’s lightness.  The tomato stack ($6) had mozzarella and basil with balsamic dressing. It was light an refreshing.  The fried calamari ($8) was served with a peppercorn aioli.  I appreciated the inclusion of  squid tentacles, but the dish’s taste overall was nondescript.

Our entrees, all ordered to be shared, did not get off to a good start.  After a thirty minute wait–with no explanation for the delay, the Wild Hare pizza ($8) came out.  It was undercooked, so the slices sagged in our hands as we picked them up, and the pie’s caramelized onions, bacon, and ricotta cheese just didn’t seem to come together. Our dining companions, Nick and Nora, had been before and they concluded that it was best to stay away from the pizzas.  The fried catfish ($9) had a nice, cornmeal-textured coating that contrasted nicely with the delicate fish, savory and peppery throughout.  The roasted whole chicken ($13) came halved, and was delicate enough to easily take off the bone. Some at the table liked the flavoring and moistness, though I found it to be somewhat bland.

Wines are now available.  Management has remained true to its vision–keeping the prices low, while selecting great wines, such as the Alamos Malbec ($7).  They’ve even gone so far as to carry the canned Sophia Coppola bubbly Blanc de Blancs ($8) to stay consistent with their selection of canned beers.

We went arrived at the restaurant around 6:30 when it was just beginning to fill up. When we left the lines were out the door. Get there early for a table.

For another review, see Nashville Restaurants.


We had barely visited Pontes’ latest venture LB’s Market House on 12 South, but walking by it today, we saw that it was short-lived. Butcher paper covers the windows, with signs saying that something called Sloco is coming soon. Sloco has a Facebook page, with some info and intentions for the new place, like bike delivery and a “virtual” butcher shop.

Our Latest Frequent Spot

August 1, 2011

Ginger Thai Restaurant
2861 Logan Street
Nashville, TN 37211

These days, when we don’t feel like cooking and we don’t feel like putting up with any restaurant fuss or crowds, we head to Ginger Thai restaurant, right off of Thompson Lane. The food is good, there’s never a wait, and the prices are reasonable. We’ve eaten there a number of times, tried an array of soups, main dishes, whole fish specials, and it always taste like home cooking. Last Sunday we were there for a quick lunch, and had duck soup, one of our favorites, and the house fried rice with squid (pictured below). The total for those two dishes after tax, before tip was $23. Normally, however, we pass on the appetizers.

Note: the link to the menu on their website takes a Borgesian turn and sends you to the Thai Palace in Bloomfield, CT.

P.S. As Rose, a commentator, notes below: on both sides of Ginger are amazing “International” markets. On one side is the Lanexang Oriental Market which stocks SE Asian goods and supplies provisions for Ginger. On the other side is a wonderful Middle Eastern market that provides everything from spices (at great prices) and fresh pita to Amish halal chickens.

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